Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creamy Vaione Gin Ice Cream

Vaione Gin Ice Cream

1 ¼ cup cream
2 eggs
¼ cup Vaione Premium South Pacific Gin
1 lime, juiced
1 lime, zested
½ cup sugar

Medium sized mixing bowl
Electric hand mixer or whisk
Container with lid, suitable for freezing

1.       Into the mixing bowl add the cream, sugar and eggs.

2.       Beat the cream mixture until the cream has thickened.

3.       Pour the Vaione Premium South Pacific Gin into the cream mixture, slowly while beating.

4.       Beat until stiff.

5.       Pour the icecream into the storage container and put into the fridge.

6.       Freeze.

There is nothing like the burst of tingling lime and warming Vaione Gin tempered with soft sweet cream.

Serve this delightful ice cream with a lime sugar syrup or go ahead and kick off your shoes and add a generous dash of Vaione Premium South Pacific Gin. We think this is just delicious!

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